Retractable Fabric Awnings

Lateral arm retractable awnings are heavy duty freestanding awnings with scissor type arms designed to provide shade on demand with no supports to the ground or angling back to the house, unlike those cheap camper and RV type rollup awnings. No costly seasonal put up, take down or storage charges like those stationary fabric awnings.

A lateral arm retractable awning is a fabric covered electro mechanical device that takes more abuse over a longer period of time than just about any other homeowner's exterior product. These awnings are outside 24 hours a day, 365 days a year subjected to rain, sleet, snow, freezing, thawing and wind. There are a few high quality retractable awnings in the marketplace manufactured with superior components for strength and durability that will last many years.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of retractable awnings manufactured with low quality components imported from the Orient that will last just a few years. Some awning companies buy individual components from their suppliers and assemble them to make up a frame. Some suppliers sell the frame already assembled to awning companies and the awning company makes and installs their own cover.

The customer's source of knowledge on how and where their retractable awning is going to be manufactured, especially the frame, is the best way to determine the quality, strength, durability and longevity of the awning that their interested in.

At Color Brite Awning Company, we order the retractable awning direct from the manufacture completely assembled with the fabric already installed on it, the way it was intended to be. This assures our customers the utmost in quality control with the least amount of exposure to you should things not go as planned.

Color Brite Awning Company is northeast Ohio's proud exclusive dealer of the Eclipse Shading Systems. Eclipse retractable awnings are the #1 rated retractable awning in the Country and what many consider the flagship of the industry.

These superior quality awnings are available in a variety of different models, ranging in sizes from 5 feet wide with a 5 foot projection all the way up to 40 feet wide with a 16 foot 6 inch projection, which is the largest and strongest lateral arm retractable awning in the industry.

While there are no U.S. standards for retractable awnings, Eclipse retractable awnings meet all the European guidelines for quality control, strength and safety, such as TUV, DIM and ISO 9001 standards. Our best selling models are as followed:


The Eclipse® is our most popular model, offering maximum value for your investment. The Eclipse features smooth clean lines in its powder-coated aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware and over 900 lbs. of spring tension in its lateral arms. This ensures a great looking high performance awning.

Eclipse Premier

The Premier is our result of upgrading our original time proven unit – the Eclipse. The Eclipse Premier is similar to the Eclipse unit in size range, product options and installation methods. Think of the Eclipse Premier as the “Gold Standard” of our Eclipse model. When you select the Eclipse Premier you receive several key product enhancements including, heavy duty torsion bar for greater unit rigidity, and our unique, CB3 – Premier Arms. Our Premier arms feature sealed ball bearings and concealed arm belt for an even longer life and smooth operation. With the Eclipse Premier also receive the peace of mind of our Platinum Protection Warranty which extends the standard warranty on the entire system including a limited lifetime warranty on the framework. The Premier also offers an optional semi cassette option in all projections to help protect the fabric when retracted and provide a clean European look.

Total Eclipse

Are you searching for a bigger and better way of enjoying your large outdoor living space? Can’t find a retractable awning big enough? The Total Eclipse is the answer. With projections available in 14′ 9” and 16′ 6” and standard widths ranging from 17-40 feet the Total Eclipse is the perfect fit for large residential and commercial applications. So when you want to go big go Total Eclipse!

Sunroof Plus

The Eclipse Sunroof Plus is available in two varieties; patio style is designed to attach to an existing structure and pergola style is engineered to be mounted on top of an existing structure. Both versions of this innovative shading system can be operated with a wireless wall switch or a handheld transmitter. When it’s not in use, it can be safely retracted.

Drop Arm

The fully adjustable and fully retractable Eclipse Drop Arm awning allows you to control the sun’s heat and rays while adding color and dimension to your home. Each Eclipse Drop Arm is custom made to be an attractive addition which can be adjusted 160 degrees – from almost full coverage for maximum protection and privacy to fully retracted when not needed to maintain your view.

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